Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Edition

Memorial Day Edition will be available on Monday, May 25, 2009.

Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday of May each year in honor of U.S. military personnel who have died during military service.

Rock y Roll Radio would like to honor all U.S. military personnel, past and present, and thank them for their service to country. As we celebrate Memorial Day, please don't take the day for granted but remember that all the freedoms that we enjoy were the result of someone's sacrifice.

On a lighter note

On the Pachanga Music Festival Edition, one of the bands that was purposely left out was Maneja Beto. "Maneja Beto is a rare blend between traditional Mexican cumbia and indie rock."

"For those not familiar with Maneja Beto, let me break it down for you. Their sound is unique. When I mentioned cumbia and indie rock coming together through them earlier, I was merely scratching the surface. They sing in Spanish but sound nothing like any other band you've heard, local or mainstream. They blend the keyboards and feedback with guitars. They merge two voices, Bobby Garza and Alex Chavez, with musical harmonies not yet touched by most Latin Alternative bands. Melodic is another word that comes to mind when I listen to their music. You really do have to listen for yourself."

"Are they energetic and exciting live? Honestly, no. Are they fantastic musicians? Yes. Are they original and creative? Yes. When you go to a Maneja concert, you won't find the large crowds (yet) or a mosh pit. You'll see an older mid to late twenty's and up crowd dancing to the cumbias and nodding their heads to the indie songs."

Maneja Beto has been on extended hiatus as lead singer, Alex Chavez, moved to Mexico to finalize research for his dissertation. They are re-uniting for this event and Rock y Roll Radio hopes that this is not a one time appearance but the first of many. Their absence has really created a void in the Austin Latin music scene because there is no other band that comes close to combining Mexican cumbia and especially indie rock as skillfully or effortlessly as Maneja Beto.

Panchanga Music Festival is the only event that you will see Maneja Beto at this time. Don't miss the opportunity or the experience.

Here is sample of Maneja Beto's music, "Los Cerros."

Quotes taken from Double Stereo music reviews by Ian Morales.

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