Saturday, June 13, 2009

June's "Summer In The City" Radio Edition

Rock y Roll Radio decided to take a two week break after the busy Latin Music Month. Well, right after Pachanga Music Festival on Saturday, May 30, 2009, Rock y Roll Radio was at the OZOMATLI Solar Power Concert Series presented by Blue Dog Rescue on Wednesday, June 3 in Republic Square Park in Austin, Texas. "What a short Break!"

OZO always puts on an excellent show and without fail incorporates the audience into the show and music. The audience sings along and OZO always leaves you wanting more. The weather was great, a breezy evening under a clear sky and a great crowd. Thanks go to Pelegrosa All Stars for doing and excellent job of entertaining us before OZO performed. And the best part of it all was that this concert was FREE. When is the last time you saw OZO for FREE?

This week's playlist has three songs that OZOMATLI performed:
1. "The City of Angels"
2. "Cumbia de los Muertos"
3. "After Party"

Then on Saturday, June 6, Rock y Roll Radio was at Zilker Park for Austin Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. If you read my "Romeo & Juliet: Shakespeare with a Latino Flare" blog, this Romeo and Juliet had a different flavor to it.

The play was very entertaining and fun. The acting was excellent but when you've seen Romeo and Juliet performed in the traditional sense, you have to change your mind set to appreciate this version. The performance is set at the base of a hillside with the audience laying, sitting or lounging on the hillside. You take your blanket or lawn chair along with some food and beverages and enjoy yourself or with guest. Again, the weather was great, a warm breezy evening under a full moon along with a very social audience. Parking was available and ample. And just like the OZO concert, this play was FREE as well. Who can't afford that?

This week's playlist is a good mix of songs. Rock y Roll Radio's favorite song this week is "Cumbia En Do Menor" by Ska Cubano. It just has a good beat, rythme, and is contagious. Check it out.

The **Wild Card** is "Santaria" by Sublime. Just thought it was an interesting song.

Enjoy the "Summer in the City" Radio Edition. Rock y Roll Radio will have a Father's Day Edition next week.

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