Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arhrur Yoria: How Did We Miss This Incredible Talent?

Recently saw Arthur Yoria at Momo's, World Music Night sponsored by KUT 90.5 FM/ presented by Bemba Entertainment and was just blown away by his creativity, music and style. How is it that Rock y Roll Radio did not know about this incredible talent?

To be honest, Rock y Roll Radio did know about Arthur Yoria. Caught Arthur's performance at the Flamingo Cantina in Monoceja's debut performance in August. Monaceja could be described as a two man experimental, Euro-pulsating beat, fusion rock band. Eduardo "Edo" Fajardo, of bands Edo and Executive Life is the other half of Monaceja.

Arthur is not new to music but somewhat a new solo act to Austin. He is an accomplished Houston based bilingual singer/songwriter, nominated Songwriter of the Year in the Houston Press Music Awards since 2001. "He combines guitar and vocals with samples, loops, and digital effects. The tracks that are heard live are recorded immediately on stage and are then played under the current live track until that track too becomes a background layer." And now that you know about Arthur Yoria, catch his shows, get his music and Rock y Roll Radio promises you won't be disappointed.

View the two great videos by Austin Vida to get a feel of Arthur's music and creativity.

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