Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latin Metal Radio Edition

Latin Metal is a category of music that does not really get any air play in main stream television or radio. If you are into Metal, you really have to seek it out, go underground or obviously, go to the web. Yes, MTV and VH1 may air some Metal shows but they're usually a watered down, "clean", "glam" version of metal and with no Latin Metal represented. Rock y Roll Radio is dedicated to playing all types of Latin and Latin Alternative music and Metal falls under this broad category. I know Metal does not fit everybody's taste but Rock y Roll Radio does not want to be like the main stream media, Rock y Roll Radio wants to give you a reason to visit and listen to Hope you like this edition or at least makes you aware that there are Latin Metal groups out there.

Listed below are the groups and links on this edition's playlist:

1. Soulfly - Phoenix, Arizona

2. Brujeria - Los Angeles, CA and Mexico

3. Ankla - Los Angeles, CA

4. Sepultura - Sao Paulo, Brazil

5. Asesino - Los Angeles, CA

6. Ill Nino - New Jersery

7. Metallica - Los Angeles, CA

8. Total Mosh - Santiago, Chile

9. Sarcofago - Brazil

10. Violator - Distrito Federal, Brazil

11. Krisiun - Brazil

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