Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mexic-Arte Museum "Viva la Vida Fest 2009" - Latest Update

Mexic-Arte Museum has added more information to their Viva La Vida Fest 2009 page. The 26th Annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration is on October 24, 2009 in Austin, Texas and is the largest and longest running Day of the Dead celebration in Austin.

Rock y Roll Radio, internet radio, is excited with the musical line up for Viva La Vida Fest 2009. The bands playing for the event are:

Charanga Cakewalk - is lead by Michael Ramos, and recently added Brian Ramos of Kanko, a local Austin band. Both individuals, along with the band members, make exceptional music. You can describe their sound as a combination of Mexican Cumbia, Mexican Folk and Lounge music. Rock y Roll Radio has seen Charanga Cakewalk too many times to count but once you get the Charanga fever, you can't shake it off. You'll know you have the fever when your feet involuntarily start to dance and your body starts to sway at the sound of Charanga Calkwalk magic.

Bocastria - is an established Austin band that plays "original fusion of Latin rock and Tejano music." The band has been together for three years and has an EP "Enter the Groove" and their first full length album "Texicana." Bocastria has been recognized as one of the Top Latin bands to emerge from Austin, Texas and on May 17, 2007 the City of Austin proclaimed it "Bocastria Day." Once you hear Bocastria, you'll think that one day wasn't enough, everyday is Bocastria day.

Peligrosa All-Stars DJs - is group of very talented DJ's. The DJ's are Hobo D, Manolo Black, Orion and DJ Dus. Rock y Roll Radio has seen Peligrosa perform numerous times at various venues and events. This guys are everywhere! They do have an exceptional playlist of Latin music and mixes and they know what their audience likes.

Tiburon - is an Austin based Salsa/Latin Jazz band that "brings to you the true sound of Salsa Dura. This group interprets all genres of Latin music, blending the styles and rhythms of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican roots music with the excitement and improvisation of American Jazz. By combining the hot sounds of salsa, rhumba, mambo, bolero, cha-cha-cha, funk and jazz, Tiburon always presents fresh elements and new musical prospectives with a new energy all it's own." Can you say "Sabor!"

Mary Welch y Los Curanderos - Los Curanderos, the musical healers, "is a Latin Variety Band with many original songs in English, Spanish & Portuguesa written by Mary Welch (Vocalist, Songwriter), along with other traditional Latin and English tunes. They also have covers like disco & top 40 with a Latin beat and some Spanish lyrics. Good for what ever it is that ails you."
This musical group has also been recognized by the City of Austin with May 8, 2008 proclaimed as "Mary Welch y Los Curanderos Day" and The State of Texas House of Representatives issued a Resolution, H.R. No. 2078, honoring Los Curanderos as a "valued member of the Texas music community."

Manuel "Cowboy" Donley - "is the grandfather of True Tejano! Manuel Donley led a big band Latin orchestra in the 1950s and picked up his nickname by stepping out from behind the podium and carrying his guitar to the front of the stage like the cowboys... Donley serves up a spicy, thoroughly danceable combo platter of rancheras, waltzes, boleros and ballads." Mr. Donley has a rich musical history and is considered an elder in the Austin and the Texas music community. Rock y Roll Radio looks forward to seeing and hearing a Texas legend perform and history being made.

Last Week Was Better - a band of four guys from San Antonio who play Progressive, Indie and Pop. They're relatively new on the scene but are steadily building their fan base and from what Rock y Roll Radio has heard so far, they have a good sound and music. You'll want to see Last Week Was Better because they could easily be the next up and coming band.

Live Music Schedule:

Last Week Was Better - 2:00-2:20 PM
Manuel "Cowboy" Donley - 2:30-3:15 PM
Mary Welch y Los Curanderos - 3:30-4:15 PM
Tiburon - 4:45-5:30 PM
Peligrosa Allstar DJs - 5:30-7:30 PM
Bocastria - 7:30-8:30 PM
Charanga Cakewalk - 8:45-10:00 PM

Note: Times subject to change

do512, one of Rock y Roll Radio's primary source for musical, venue and calender of events in Austin, Texas also has some additional information and videos of Viva la Vida Fest 2009, check them out.

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