Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spanish Language Artist You Need To Hear Now! Radio Edition

In September, Rock y Roll Radio published a blog titled "10 Spanish Language Artist You Need To Hear Right Now." This blog was based on a list from the VenusZine Summer 2009 magazine. The interest on this particular blog was amazing. So Rock y Roll Radio created a playlist based on some of the bands in the VenusZine magazine list plus Rock y Roll Radio included some bands, locally and nationally, that also need to be heard.

1. Maneja Beto - Campanera
An Austin, Texas band which combines Latin, cumbia, Mexican folk, rock en Español and indie. Their sound is very unique and will have you asking, "why haven't I heard of these guys before?"

2. Ocote Soul Sounds - Divinorum (Quantic Remix)
3. Ocote Soul Sounds - Carino
Martin Perna of Antibalas and Adrian Quesada of Grupo Fantasma lead the genius behind Ocote Soul Sounds. The masterfully combine Afrobeat, Latin groove, psychedelia and funk into a mix of heavenly sounds. You may have heard of Ocote Soul Sounds but you definitely need to re-visit and become re-acquainted now.

4. Charanga Cakewalk - La Cumbia Lounge
5. Charanga Cakewalk - Belleza
6. Chananga Cakewalk - La Negra Celina
Charanga Cakewalk is an Austin, Texas group that combines Mexican cumbia, Latin beat and mellow lounge music that has a mystic sense. Once you hear Charanga's music you'll want to remain under their spell.

7. Del Castillo - Suenos Madrigales
An Austin, Texas band that has a strong Flamenco sound and influence. Their music is strong and bold in sound and their Flamenco sound sets them apart from other Latin bands.

8. Girl In A Coma - Clumsy Sky
9. Girl in A Coma - Say
A San Antonio, Texas band of two sisters and a best friend. Their music is brash and in your face punk, alternative and folk rock. If you haven't heard of Girl In A Coma (GIAC), you will now.

10. Subrosa Union - 420 Every Day
Originally from El Paso, Texas, now Austin based, Subrosa Union combines reggae, Latin and funk into a nice base heavy beat. Put Subrosa Union on your bands to watch radar.

11. Dignan - They're Outnumbered
From McAllen, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, although Dignan doesn't sing in Spanish, they are Latino. Dignan definitely has an indie, almost soft rock sound. These guys have created a following here in Texas and expanding fast. Watch out!

12. Los Hollywood - Te Quiero Tanto
Originally from San Diego, California, Los Hollywood combine indie, rock and pop into a really nice sound. Hiedy, the lead singer, gives the band it's personality and sound. Los Hollywood works extremely hard at getting their music and band as much exposure as possible.

13. Monte Negro - Lejos
14. Monte Negro - Don't Let Me Down
15. Monte Negro - Give Me Love (No Llores)
A Los Angeles, California band which combines Latin, rock en Español, reggae into an edgy, bilingual rock sound. You'll be hearing from Monte Negro soon if you haven't already.

16. 60 Tigres - Dentro De Mi Cuerpo
60 Tigres from Monterey, Mexico combine funk, psychedelic and punk into an upbeat but bold dance beat. They definitely generate a strong energy in their music.

17. Bam Bam - Hi-Q
18. Bam Bam - Sin Las Pata Traseras
"This quirky, high energy rock group out of Monterrey is the current sweetheart of the Mexican indie scene."

19. Hello Seahorse - Bestia
20. Hello Seahorse - Cassette
"Mexican electro-pop a la School of Seven Bells."

21. Quiero Club - Showtime
22. Quiero Club - Let Da Music
"A MGMT-like dance band from Monterrey."

23. Jovenes y Sexys - Suerte
24. Jovenes y Sexys - El Reloj
"This folk-y Venezuelan duo has been compared with the Bird and the Bee."

25. Ceci Bastida - Que No Te Digan
"Known for her work with Julieta Venegas, this pop soloist will be releasing her first full-length this year."

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