Saturday, October 24, 2009

Angel Ferrer's "The Daylight Sessions" Emerges With Soul

Angel Ferror
, no stranger to Austin's music scene, has put together a group of talented musicians to form The Daylight Sessions. Angel Ferrer has a rich musical history and in Austin, Texas that history includes the groups Ill Camino, Vallejo, The Chris Perez New Project and now The Daylight Sessions. When Rock y Roll Radio researched Angel to find out more about him, other than the bands he was part of, there wasn't really any good comprehensive information. Again Austin Vida, Austin's premier and comprehensive music web source, has provided an exclusive and very intimate interview with Angel Ferrer. After reading the interview, I can say that I now know Angel Ferrer more thoroughly and also know his musical goals. I encourage you to read the interview because you'll be hearing a lot of buzz about Angel in the very near future.

I went to see Angel Ferrer's The Daylight Sessions last night at Quinn's in Round Rock, Texas. I really didn't know what to expect because I had purposely not listened to any of the group's music. To my amazement, I was blown away by the very soulful and sensual R&B sound that the band was producing. The band was solid and played as one soulful unit, just flawless. The Daylight Sessions is comprised of: Angel Ferrer-Guitar and Vocals; Alberto Ferrer-Bass; Jeff Hartsought-Drums; Robert Belt-Guitar and Cristina Soto-Back up Vocals. Angel Ferrer and Jeff Hartsough are very approachable and friendly guys and love what they do.

The group performed "All I Want To Do," "Cool Touch," plus a souful version of "Summer Breeze" a 1972 song by Seals and Crofts and other rock based songs.

You can see The Daylight Sessions at Lucky Lounge on November 7th plus an Ill Camino Reunion set.

Austin Vida Live: Angel Ferrer's Daylight Sessions from Austin Vida on Vimeo.

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