Saturday, August 29, 2009

August "Summer In The City" (Two)

It's been three weeks since the last Rock y Roll Radio Edition and a lot has happened. I hope you read and saw "The Best Latin Music You Don't Know," "Monte Negro Interview by Austin Vida,""B-Real (of Cypress Hill) Music Video by Austin Vida,""Este Vato and El Tule at Jovita's" and "Winners of Premios Texas 2009." September promises to be just as busy and entertaining and Rock y Roll Radio will keep you posted.

It's been "HOT" in the Music Capital of the World, both figuratively and literally, with daily 100 degree plus weather and some great new "sizzling" music. This playlist incorporates some of the artist of "The Best Latin Music You Don't Know" and "Winners of Premios Texas 2009" as well other great artist and music.

1. Pilar Diaz - Novia De Soledad
2. Curumin - Compacto
3. Luis Enrique - Yo No Se Manana
4. Actitud Maria Marta - Adelante Latino
5. Carlos y Alejandra - Explicame
6. Makano - Te Amo
7. Amandititita - Metrosexual
8. Novalima - Ruperta/Puede Ser
9. Yahir - Es Por Ti
10. Reyli Barba - El Abandonado
11. Gonzalo Yanez - Volvemos a Caer
12. Los Hollywood - Te Quiero Tanto
13. Estopa - Hemicraneal
14. Olga Tanon - Me Gusta
15. Bombasta - Tanto Amor
16. Hello Seahorse - Bestia

Go to Rock y Roll Radio to listen to the current playlist. Also, a special thanks to Austin Vida for the video work.

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