Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Best Latin Music You Don't Know

Latina Magazine, August 2009 issue has an exceptional music article in the Cultura section. The authors, Grace Bastidas, Monica Herrera and Angie Romero compiled, what could be called a comprehesive list of "the most underrated musical talents in the Spanish-speaking world...Latina's guide to the year's most buzzworthy acts-from Montevido to Monterey and everywhere in between." The article gives you the artist name, country of origin, a short bio, description of the artist's sound and the recommended download song. If that wasn't enough, go to for a free download of select songs from the iTunes Store. Also, get an issue of Latina and read the rest of the article's information plus other excellent features for only $2.95.

Maluca, USA
Sound: Tropical techno
Download song: "El Tigeraso"

Los Hollywood, USA
Sound: Early No Doubt en Español
Download song: "No Te Aguites"

Pilar Díaz, USA
Sound: Bjork meets Julieta Venegas
Download Song: "Pinata"

Agina, USA
Sound: Selena-inspired Spanish Pop
Download Song: "Somos Mar y Arena"

Lindi Ortega, Canada
Sound: An indie-minded Dolly Parton
Download Song: "All My Friends"

Nina Dioz, Mexico
Sound: Mala Rodriguez meets M.I.A. in Monterey
Download song: "Prefiero el Asfalto"

Amandititita, Mexico
Sound: If Hello Kitty rapped in Spanish
Download song: "Metrosexual"

Bomba Estéreo, Columbia
Sound: Electro-folk from the year 2029
Download song: "Fuego"

Madera Limpia, Cuba
Sound: Guantanamera-style hip-hop
Download song: "Son de Nuevo Tipo"

La Shica, Spain
Sound: Fly flamenco
Download song: "Zingara Rapera"

Curumin, Brazil
Sound: Samba with hip-hop swagger
Download song: "Compacto"

Estopa, Spain
Sound: Rumba pop-rock
Download song: "Hemicraneal"

Novalima, Peru
Sound: A Peruvian Gotan Project via Africa
Download song: "Ruperta/Puede Ser"

Actitud María Marta, Argentina
Sound: Dead Prez pumped with estrogen
Download song: "Llegó la Hora

Daneila Spalla, Argentina
Sound: Erykah Badu meets Norah Jones
Download: "En Vano"

Los Crema Paraíso, Venezuela
Sound: High-speed bossa nova
Download song: "Petrocumbia"

Gonzalo Yañez, Urugauy
Sound: Sixties-inspired pop rock
Download Song: "Dispara"

Más Salsa Que Tú, Puerto Rico
Sound: Tego Calderon meets Tito Puente
Download song: "Mas Salsa Que Tú"

Yerbaklan, Honduras
Sound: Reggaeton's Honduran cousin
Download song: "Sexy Gial"

RH+, Chile
Sound: Atmospheric pop
Download song: "Sambatriste"

Latina magazine went recently to the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) in New York City to speak to some of the artist featured in The Best Latin Music You Don't Know. View video below:

Rock y Roll Radio, internet radio, wants to thank Latina magazine and the authors for all the hard work and exceptional article. We will share this information with all our listeners and blog readers. Thanks.

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