Sunday, August 30, 2009

La Guerrilla - The Next Up and Coming Austin Band

Rock y Roll Radio had heard some buzz about La Guerrilla, a local Austin, Texas band. So when they were scheduled to play at the Mohawk, Rock y Roll Radio made it a point to be there.

La Guerrilla consist of eight members: Enrique Rumiche-songwriter, vocalist and guitar; Liza McCown-violinist and vocalist; Marc Sustaita-trumpet; Nathaniel Natal-bass and accordion; Joseph Loney-percussionist; Nick Warrenchuck-trombone; Efrain-Latin percussion; and Grayson Legere-live support. The band plays a combination of rock, ska, idie with a definite Latin flavor. One of the aspects that also gives the band a distinct sound is the inclusion of the violin. Their energy and stage presence gets the audience involved and dancing. After they finished their set, the audience wanted more, "otra!" A couple of the songs that made an impression on the crowd that night were "Tabla Surfer" and "El Matador."

La Guerrilla is a relatively new band and strongly recommend you catch a performance because they will go far. At present, they are working on a CD which should be out in October. Looking forward to seeing them again soon. Check their La Guerrilla MySpace page of show dates.

Austin Vida Live: La Guerrilla from Austin Vida on Vimeo.

You can read La Guerrilla interview on Austin Vida.

Also, click on Rock y Roll Radio to listen to internet radio.

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