Friday, September 4, 2009

Kalua: A Band With A Vision

First, let me state, " I like Kalua."

Kalua is a band of four young, charismatic, Latin men from Austin, Texas. They are Juan Diaz, (Mexico) vocals and guitar; Andres Junca, (Columbia) guitar; Andres Delgado, (Venezuela) drums and Andres Acevedo, (Columbia) bass. Their sound combines rock, reggae, punk and Latin, sung mainly in Spanish.

They formed in 2007 with a purpose and a vision. They weren't just going to be a band, they were going to be a "premier band in contemporary Latin music worldwide." They wrote original material, went to the studio, worked hard and the end result was the "La Novedad" CD.

You would think the hard work was over, but not for Kalua. The next step was get the CD and their music out in front of the public. These guys were everywhere. They were at both Pachanga Latino Music Festivals, two time winners of Burger King's "Tu Ciudad, Tu Musica" contest, numerous TV appearances, radio interviews and print and media reviews. What impressed me about Kalua was that they were executing their plan and maximizing band exposure and recognition in each appearance, interview and performance. Even after two years as a band, Kalua is still focused on their vision. They put out their second music video, touring and Rock y Roll Radio subscribes to their e-mail bulletins. (Do you subscribe?)

Second, the women love Kalua. I've seen Kalua perform at several Austin venues and they always attract a lot of women to their performances. These women are in all age groups and they are all dancing. You can tell they are really into the music and enjoying themselves. It's great to watch them.

Kalua is the model for success. They have the music, talent and drive.

To get a better sense of Kalua, listen to the song "La Novedad" on Kalua's website and check out their video below. Also, check out Kalua's MySpace page for show dates.

La Novedad - Kalua from KALUA on Vimeo.

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