Sunday, September 20, 2009

International Accordion Festival San Antonio, Texas October 9-11, 2009

International Accordion Festival in La Villita, San Antonio, Texas on October 9-11, 2009

"Held every year in the beautiful downtown riverwalk area on the historic grounds of La Villita (3 blocks south of the Alamo on South Alamo Street), the International Accordion Festival features performances, workshops, open mike sessions and accordion jams.

On three stages, enjoy ensembles from around the globe playing everything from Panamanian pindin to Parisian musette, to Balkan to Basque, from Czech polka to Creole zydeco, from Americana to Acadiana and much, much more. In our workshop area, find informal sessions and performances featuring up-close and personal interaction with master artist and their music.

It's big, it's outdoors, it's two days. It's dancing and fun for the whole family. The festival boasts ethnic foods, beverage and merchandise booths throughout the weekend. Best of all, Saturday and Sunday admission is Free."

Rock y Roll Radio has attended the International Accordion Festival in the past years and it's an event that every one, regardless of age or musical taste, will enjoy. The accordion is a very versatile instrument that has transitioned into all music genres. You'll experience accordion music from all over the world and sounds that you never knew existed. The word "accordion" will no longer be associated with polkas or if you're from Texas, with conjunto or cantina music. You'll have a new respect for the instrument, the artist and their musical ability.

Mingo Saldivar y los Quatro Espadas, one of Rock y Roll Radio's all time favorite Master Accordionist is one of the performers at the festival. Mingo Saldivar "The Dancing Cowboy" is an exceptional musician and performer and you don't want him to stop playing his unique conjunto stlye music. Every time I've seen Mingo perform, a Lone Star Beer miraculously appears in my hand. I guess Mingo and Lone Star just go together.

As a treat, I've provided a video of Mingo doing a Johnny Cash classic "Ring of Fire" in Spanish.

Piñata Protest, from San Antonio and an Austin, Texas favorite Punk band, will also participate in the festival. You can see them perform at 12:00 PM and at 3:30 PM in the "Accordions Are Punk" workshop on Saturday, October 10. This workshop is an excellent fit for Piñata Protest because they are "punk rock with accordion, with norteño and conjunto influences." Rock y Roll Radio has written several blogs with Piñata Protest as a focus and can be found in the archives.

Here are the festival schedules for Saturday and Sunday.

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