Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 Spanish Language Artists You Need to Hear Right Now

While reading VenusZine magazine, Summer 2009, I came across another one of those list.

"10 Spanish Language Artist you need to hear right now:"

1. Bam Bam
This quirky, high energy rock group out of Monterrey is the current sweetheart of the Mexican indie scene. (

2. Jessie Evans
Punk meets Mexican-flavored electronic with the feel of a smoky speakeasy.

3. Hello Seahorse
Mexican electro-pop a la School of Seven Bells.

4. Canja Rave
This Brazilian group draws obvious parallels to the White Stripes. (

5. Quiero Club
A MGMT-like dance band from Monterrey. (

6. Jovenes y Sexys
This folk-y Venezuelan duo has been compared with the Bird and the Bee,

7. Ruido Rosa
This brand new four-girl rock group may represent a new "Riot Chicca" tradition.

8. Niña Dioz
This young MC has been called "Mexico's M.I.A."

9. Ceci Bastida
Known for her work with Julieta Venegas, this pop soloist will be releasing her first full-length this year. (

10. The Pepper Pots
A retro Supremes-style trio from Spain.

If you get a hold of Venuszine, the Summer 2009 issue, also read "The State Of The Music Industry" and "A Life Less Ordinary Ximena Sariñana leaves behind telenovelas to shake up Mexico's music industry," excellent and informative articles.

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