Friday, September 4, 2009

Nortec Collective featuring Bostich y Fussible Radio Edition

Nortec Collective featuring Bostish and Fussible is coming to the University of Texas at Austin Performing Arts Center (UTPAC), specifically Hogg Memorial Auditorium on September 25, 2009.

Who or what is Nortec Collective?

First, let's define "Nortec." Nortec is a form of music which combines Mexican Norteño music and Techno music. Norteño is a style of music concentrated in Northern Mexico along the Mexican/US border and Techno is a style of music using technology to make music or fuse music with electronic beats or sounds. Nortec music was created by the DJ's in the border discos and bars.

Second, the who. Nortec Collective is group of DJ's who create Nortec music. This collective is an extremely musically creative and technologically savvy group of artist. The collective consist of: Bostich-Ramon Amezcua; Clorofila-Jorge Verdin; Fussible-Pepe Moght and Hiperboreal-PG Beas.

Rock y Roll Radio saw Nortec Collective featuring Bostich and Fussible at the 2008 Pachanga Latino Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Bostich and Fussible had the crowd in a mad frenzy. The music, the beat, the visual cinematic show and the musicians playing the accordian, clarinet and trumpet created an incredable show and atmosphere. The crowd was dancing, jumping up and down to the beat, screaming and shouting in euphoria. Although the Hogg Auditorium is a more refined venue than an open park, expect the same reaction as the music festival crowd. Wow!

Nortec Collective featuring Bostich y Fussible Radio Edition playlist consist of:

1. Tijuana Sound Machine
2. Tengo La Voz
3. Que Bonito Bailas
4. Tijuana Makes Me Happy
5. Tijuana Bass
6. Ovidala Compa

The video below will give you a sense of what to expect when you attend a Nortec Collective performance.

Visit Rock y Roll Radio to listen to Nortec Collective playlist.

For more information on Nortec Collective click on blog by Xina Jardin

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