Friday, September 11, 2009

Bombasta: Raza En La Plaza in San Antonio, Texas Septembe 12, 2009

Bombasta, one of Rock y Roll Radio's favorite bands, is playing Saturday, September 12th in the Main Plaza in Downtown San Antonio, Texas from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. The Main Plaza is an excellent location for music. There is a wide open plaza in front of San Fernando Cathedral with ample space for lawn chairs and ample space for dancing. Rock y Roll Radio traveled to this plaza back in March and saw Grupo Fantasma perform. Of course, Grupo Fantasma had the large crowd on their feet, clapping and dancing their hearts away. This is also an excellent Free family event with the evening sun is low and the atmosphere is amazing.

Rock y Roll Radio has published a few blogs with video on Bambasta because they're that good plus these guys are everywhere. They've become an Austin favorite as much as they're a San Antonio favorite. Their music is a fusion of Cumbia, Reggae, Funk and Latin with a dash of "Sabor."

Check Bombasta out, there are ample opportunities in Austin, San Antonio and surrounding cities.

Rock y Roll Radio, Internet Radio, has Bombasta on the "Summer In The City (Two)" Radio Edition, song #21.

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